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Seperate your Wash and Fold, Wash and Iron, stained, dry cleaning or iron only items. Our ninja will put these items in different bags

Clothing (5KG minimum charge)
Wash, Dry and Fold - 48hr Turnaround
R24,00 / KG
Wash, Dry and Fold - 24hr Turnaround (CDB only)
R26,00 / KG
Wash, Dry and Fold - Same day (CDB only)
R32,00 / KG
Wash, Dry and Iron - 48hr Turnaround
R34,00 / KG
Wash, Dry and Iron - 24hr Turnaround(CDB only)
R36,00 / KG
Wash, Dry and Iron - Same day(CDB only)
R40,00 / KG
Stain Treatment
R20,00 / Item
Ironing Only
R26 per KG
House Hold
Single Blanket
R90,00 / Item
Double Blanket
R150,00 / Item
Duvet Inner - Single Synthetic
R110,00 / Item
Duvet Inner - Single Down
R150,00 / Item
Duvet Inner - Double Synthetic
R145,00 / Item
Duvet Inner - Double Down
R170,00 / Item
Pillows - Standard
R65,00 / Item
Pillows - Down
R90,00 / Item
Pillows - Continental
R80,00 / Item
Sofa Covers
R65,00 / KG
R65,00 / KG